Monday, 24 February 2014

Roasted Vegetable & Rocket Verrines

Roasted vegetable and rocket verrine

Have you heard of verrines? I hadn't, until Terrines and Verrines from Franck Pontais landed on my desk. Franck is involved in selecting the chefs for Supertravel's catered chalets, and they kindly sent me a copy of the book as part of their season's promotions.

The idea of the verrine is very simple: striking flavours served in individual portions. And usually, as you might guess from the name, presented in a glass (although this is by no means true of all the examples in the book). Obviously, I wanted to have a go, and since the idea of a verrine was new to me I wanted to create my own combination.

As a vegetarian, the one down-side of many of Pontais' recipes (even the vegetable ones) is that there's a lot of gelatine, particularly in the terrines. I'm certainly going to try and adapt some of these ideas to use agar agar or another veggie gelling agent, but it will need a bit of experimentation!

The book is really beautiful, packed with colourful photos which highlight all the recipes. There are so many gorgeous display ideas that I think I'll be studying this book for years to come. I wouldn't go so far as to say I've mastered the presentation of verrines yet, but then presentation has always been my weak point as a cook. The mix of flavours, on the other hand, is definitely a winner.

This recipe is vegan so long as you use vegan mayonnaise (I personally like Plamil) and vegan pesto for the dressing.

Roasted vegetable and rocket verrine

Roasted Vegetable & Rocket Verrines
Serves 4

1 sweet red pepper
8 asparagus spears
8 chestnut mushrooms
2tsp olive oil
1tbsp pesto
2tbsp mayonnaise
20g rocket
  1. Cut the pepper into thick strips, halve the mushrooms, and trim the asparagus spears.
  2. Roast the pepper, mushrooms, and asparagus (in a little oil), and allow to cool. If the pepper skins blacken, you can easily remove any charred sections.
  3. Mix the pesto with the mayonnaise.
  4. Coat the (cooled) peppers and mushrooms in pesto mayonnaise.
  5. Arrange the peppers in the base of each glass.
  6. Top with a generous handful of rocket.
  7. Place two spears of asparagus in each glass, using the rocket to hold them in place against the side.
  8. Add the mushrooms and any extra pesto mayonnaise to the top of the rocket.
  9. Chill for at least an hour before serving.


Rachel said...

What an intriguing idea - are they all cold, or are there hot verrines, too?

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of this! But serving anything in a little glass is always fun. I've never really liked the taste of vegan mayo.

Velva said...

I think it takes a bit of art to get the flavors/textures just right. What I love about it is that you can have a truly great flavor experience without being overwhelmed-it is just right.

Tamra Augostino said...

You had me at asparagus. :)

rosaria williams said...

Ah, an artistic twist that truly works.

Valentina Celant said...

These look delicious! I love vegetables, and the idea of a veggie "shot" is too fun to resist. Thanks for sharing!

Christine Berres said...

Verrines are super popular in France..I love little appetizer-sized fancy food! I have made fruit based desserts with agar agar, and think you could something similar with pureed greens or something:) I'll look forward to reading about your adventures!! Or seeing them at the very least!

christine said...

what a novel idea - love it!

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