Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Vintage Summer Wedding ~ Guest Post by Jenny Oliver

I absolutely loved Jenny Oliver's last book, The Parisian Christmas Bake-Off, so I was delighted to hear that she's got another charming novel out this month. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a review copy, and I wasn't disappointed (review to follow really soon!).

And when I was asked if I'd like to take part in Jenny's launch by hosting a guest post from Jenny herself, well, obviously I jumped at the opportunity. Below, Jenny has a few words to say about her obsession with celebrity weddings, and some of her inspiration for the new book.

Meanwhile, The Vintage Summer Wedding is currently on sale on the Google Play store, so if it sounds like your kind of story, you might want to snap it up while it's just £1.99.

You can also enter to win a hamper of goodies, just by creating a pinboard of your own vintage wedding images, and sending it over to Jenny's publishers. Check out the rules here.

Jenny writes...

I have a guilty pleasure that I think might be shared by many others… I absolutely love glossy magazines.

It's an obsession! And it's not just the content - the smell, the touch, the weight, the free gift on the front all add to my enjoyment. I'd never read one on the iPad, it just wouldn't be the same. I want to be able to curl up in bed and flick through the pages at my leisure. From interiors magazines where I can lust after people's converted barns and dilapidated French chateaus to weekly gossip mags that keep me up to date with every celebrity under the sun.

In The Vintage Summer Wedding, as a teenager Anna made a scrap book out of pictures from old Hello! magazines of all the things that she adored on the pages. In the book it's a way of giving her something to aspire to in the future at a time when things are rocky in her life. When I was little my dad used to bring his colleague's Hello! mags back for me to flick through. He'd turn up with a massive stack of them every couple of months and it was the best treat ever! I think it was this that led to my magazine obsession.

I remember in the first batch turning the page to a spread featuring Joan Rivers' daughter Melissa Rivers' wedding. It was a Dr Zhivago inspired winter wonderland complete with 100 birch trees, 25,000 white roses and was rumoured to have cost around $3million - I pored over the photographs, this glimpse into their world, stunned at the extravagance and from that moment I was hooked... There is nothing I like better in a magazine than a celebrity wedding. I don't know what it is... the hope? The excitement? The luxury? The beautiful people? Or just perhaps the fact it's page upon glossy page of what all the money in the world can buy when it comes to a wedding day. It can't buy style and it can't buy taste but it can create pure awe on the page… just think of the Beckhams and those thrones! I pore over the pictures, examining every detail from the table decorations to the bridesmaids’ bouquets - loving everything from the super gaudy to the minimalist chic - and I especially love it when there’s a shot of the dancefloor when no one knows that they’ve been caught on camera!

Here's my top three:

3) Victoria and David Beckham. I remember waiting to see what dress she would wear - we were all expecting slick and figure hugging but she shocked us with a meringue. Then it just got better and better (thrones, crowns, big purple flowers on her dress). Loved it.

2) Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. They only showed us one photo. And it was beautiful, elegant, black and white, and tantalisingly exclusive. I remember being desperate to see more. (Still pained that they split!)

1) Wills and Kate. Well it was just lovely wasn't it? Kate looking lovely, Pippa looking super sexy, Wills and Harry's smiles, the hilarious Philip Treacy hats worn by the cousins. Made all the better because the whole world was watching.

So think of me next time you flick through Hello! Ok! or Grazia, and see a celebrity wedding. I'll be there scrutinising the menu options, the car, the dress, the hairstyles, the decorations - not the most useful or intellectual of hobbies but as I said, it's an obsession. And if you get a spare five minutes Google Melissa Rivers' jaw-droppingly expensive wedding - you might just get hooked yourself. xx

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