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White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake

White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake

We recently discovered a new neighbourhood café, which as well as offering a decent lunchtime selection of soups and salads, has some wonderful cakes. My favourite is a raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake - which was so good I just had to replicate it at home.

The only change I made was to include some strawberries amongst the raspberries - for variety, or because even a huge punnet of raspberries wasn't quite enough to make two layers and I happened to have some strawberries in the fridge (take your pick as to which reason you believe, but it was nice).

I didn't have a recipe to follow, but melting white chocolate into the cheesecake mixture definitely worked to create a creamy, chocolatey base.

White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake

White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake

White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake
Serves 8-10

150g (5¼oz) digestive biscuits
65g (2¼oz) butter
150g (5¼oz) strawberries
300g (10½oz) raspberries150g (5¼oz) white chocolate
200ml (6¾ fl.oz) double cream
400g (14oz) cream cheese
50g (2oz) icing sugar
1tsp pure vanilla extract

  1. Use greaseproof paper to line the base of an 18cm (7in) loose-bottomed cake tin.
  2. Crush the biscuits (I use the end of a rolling pin), melt the butter, and stir through the crumbs until thoroughly combined. Press this mixture into the base of the cake tin, and refrigerate for an hour.
  3. Reserve enough fruit to fully cover the top of the cheesecake, and chop the remainder onto the chilled biscuit base.
  4. Melt 100g of the chocolate, and keep warm enough to maintain a pourable consistency.
  5. Whip the cream until stiff.
  6. Combine the cream cheese, icing sugar, and vanilla in a separate bowl.
  7. Stir the melted chocolate into the cream cheese mixture.
  8. Fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture.
  9. Spoon the cheesecake mixture on top of the base, pressing down firmly onto the fruit. Smoothe the top with a spatula.
  10. Refrigerate before serving, for at least 2-3 hours (preferably overnight).
  11. Arrange the remaining fruit on top of the cheesecake.
  12. Melt the remaining chocolate, and drizzle over the berries.


Laura Denman said...

It looks delicious and I like the idea of the berry combination, whichever reason was foremost!

Kate Glutenfreealchemist said...

Beautiful!!!! I adore the way you have decorated (especially that white chocolate drizzle) and love the use of fruit inside the cheesy bit! Cheesecake is a favourite with me and I will definitely be taking inspiration from this one. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

It does look scrummy. For me, the more raspberries and strawberriess the better!

Emily Ray said...

This looks INCREDIBLE, Rachel! I'm absolutely terrible at cooking, but even I may have to pull out my apron ( one) to make this. Alternatively, you can have some ready for me with a cup of tea when I turn up ;D x

Judith Hannemann said...

Thanks for coming and linking up at #The Weekend Social. Please be sure to come back next week starting Thursdays at 9PM EST The Midnight Baker ! I hope to see you there!

Jessica Snyder said...

my mouth is watering now! Sharing this on my page! Thanks for linking up at the sparkles of inspiration party!

Camilla Mann said...

This looks so delicious and elegant, Rachel! Thanks for sharing with my potluck this month.

Elizabeth Lund said...

Oh man!! This is beautiful. I wish I had some right now!

Carole said...

Fab dish, it's on my shortlist for a feature. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Afternoon Rachel, What a lovely dessert to share with friends. Your White Chocolate and Berry Cheesecake looks spectacular. I really cannot wait to try this as I know my husband will adore it.
Best Wishes

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