Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Fates of Worlds: A Charity Anthology

I'm excited to announce that I'm working with six other authors this month to raise money for literacy charity Reading is Fundamental.

This is an anthology of the kind that's really only become possible since the development of e-books: we're releasing seven full-length books for the price of one, with all profits going to charity.

The Fates of Worlds is almost a million words of sci-fi goodness, and is available now to pre-order for less than the price of a coffee.

UK Links:   Amazon • iTunes • Google Play
US Links:   Amazon • iTunes • Barnes & Noble • Google Play

I've only read Tsar Wars and Escape Velocity so far (well, and Rebellion, obviously!), but if that's any indication of the quality of the collection, this is going to be a great deal. I'm looking forwards to sinking my teeth into the rest when I get my copy of the anthology (release day is 15th September).

Here's a little more information about all the books in the collection:

PREDESTINATION by J. Daniel Sawyer
"A sweeping tale of politics, corruption, intrigue, betrayal, and murder...a fast paced ride through a future that's too plausible to be ignored." --Nathan Lowell, author of Quarter Share and Ravenwood

TSAR WARS by Stephen Goldin
“In all ways I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next one.” (reader review)

STAR VIGILANTE by T. Jackson King
Matt Dragoneaux is an interstellar hired gun who follows the Code of the Vigilante: track ‘em, strike ‘em, and be elsewhere when the Anarchate battleglobe shows up.

THE REMNANT by Paul B. Spence
“It has action, suspense, very good character building and enough plots and plot twists to fill the whole book shelf, let alone one book.” (reader review)

THE CHOSEN ONE by Anna Erishkigal
“It's like Star Trek meets creation mythos... ” (reader review)

ESCAPE VELOCITY by Steven J. Pemberton
A phone call from his dead wife wasn't the strangest thing that happened to rocket scientist Sam Grainger that day...

REBELLION by Rachel Cotterill
A fast-paced adventure following a young woman's search for a secret society of elite assassins, described by reviewers as "cinematic" and "unputdownable".

UK Links:   Amazon • iTunes • Google Play
US Links:   Amazon • iTunes • Barnes & Noble • Google Play


Rachel said...

It sounds fascinating - and it will be good to know who well it works as a fundraiser. I hope it's a runaway success!

Hannah @anewaddition said...

Wow congratulations! How exciting! And how lovely that it's also to raise money for charity especially a literacy charity, how appropriate. Thank you for linking up with #Anby x

christine said...

such a good idea:) I hope it does really well for you all x

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