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Indiana Sugar Cream Pie (Secret Recipe Club)

Indiana Sugar Cream Pie

One of my favourite things about blogging is the opportunity to learn new recipes from around the world. You know, those foods that are taken for granted in faraway places you've never been to. (Or nearby places you've never been to, for that matter.)

Case in point: I'd never heard of a sugar cream pie, but apparently this is big in Indiana. I've never been to Indiana, either, but one day I'm sure I'll get there, to try a slice of this sticky goodness in its hometown.

Diana from A Spoonful of Luxe is my assigned blog for Secret Recipe Club this month, and this recipe just leapt out at me as I was paging through her dessert collection.

The filling is, indeed, basically made from cream and sugar. (Health food, it is not.) I'm sometimes nervous about trying a recipe when I haven't

Diana topped her pie with cranberries, which sounds wonderful, but I happened to have some late summer blueberries so I switched those in instead. Of course, I've also converted the recipe to metric, and added in quantities for anyone who wants to make their own pastry rather than buying a ready-made crust.

I think this is designed as a cold dessert, but we also tried it hot (it melts into a gooey mess when you warm it up, but it's still tasty).

Indiana Sugar Cream Pie

Indiana Sugar Cream Pie with Blueberries
Serves 8

For the crust:
100g (1 stick) butter
200g (1⅔cups) plain flour
Ice-cold water

For the filling:
115g (½ cup) granulated sugar
60g (¼ cup) soft brown sugar
40g (⅓ cup) plain flour
¼tsp salt
¼tsp freshly ground nutmeg
360ml (1½ cups) double cream
25g (2tbsp) butter
1tsp vanilla

For the topping:
320g (2 cups) fresh blueberries
  1. First, make the pastry: rub the butter into the flour until it has the texture of breadcrumbs, and add cold water a little at a time until you have a stiff dough.
  2. Preheat the oven to 175°C (350°F).
  3. Combine the sugars with the flour, salt, and nutmeg in a large mixing bowl.
  4. Heat the cream in a small saucepan, until it bubbles.
  5. Stir the butter and vanilla into the warm cream, to melt the butter.
  6. Pour the cream over the sugar mixture, and whisk until combined.
  7. Roll out the pastry and line a deep, loose-based pie dish.
  8. Pour in the sugar cream filling.
  9. Bake for 45 minutes, or until the mixture is set, but still with a slight wobble. The topping should be golden brown.
  10. Serve with fresh blueberries.


Lisa said...

Wow, I've never heard of a sugar cream pie either. But, it sounds really good.

Rachel said...

It sounds yummy - a bit like some Azorean pastries. Is there a large Portuguese community in Indiana?

shelley c. said...

Oh, my, that certainly sounds decadent! And look fantastic!! Great choice! I was assigned to your blog this month and WOW - I wanted to try everything! I narrowed it down to the bazlama, as I was very intrigued to see how pan-cooking a yeasted bread loaf would be, and I absolutely loved it. Thank you for the delicious inspiration this month!

Ashley Lecker said...

Yum! I have never had something like this and it looks really delicious!

Heather S said...

I've never heard of this pie before either, but it sounds amazing! Great SRC choice!

Jeanie said...

Oh my gosh. I'm totally pinning this. It sounds and looks amazing. And cream and sugar are two of my favorite things.

Colleen Bauer said...

Looks awesome and I'll be was amazing with the blueberries.

Miz Helen said...

What a great pie, I want to try this recipe very soon. It's fun cooking with you in the SRC!
Miz Helen

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Yum! You had me at butter, sugar, and cream!

Cindy Jamieson said...

As a French Canadian we make a similar version of sugar cream pie. SO delicious!

The Harried Cook said...

I love your blog! And this recipe sounds divine... I want to make this, but i'm kinda scared I'd eat the whole thing myself... :) happy to be baking with you in SRC B!

AM Nichols said...

I think I saw this cake featured on tv (maybe Bizarre Foods?) as one of those "you gotta try this when you go to Indiana." It looks decadent, especially with the blueberries!

Julie said...

I've never heard of this pie. Looks delicious. Visiting from SRC B!

icing pictures said...

Very good looking delicious cream pie!

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