Friday, 27 February 2015

Goals 2015: February Checkpoint

We're two months into the year (yes, that surprised me, too), and I thought this might be a good time to reflect on my 2015 goals.

As I've learnt in previous years, having targets only helps me if I remember to check my progress against them on a regular basis. So here's a little accountability for myself.

1. Finish my thesis & graduate as a Doctor
I've been working on my redraft intermittently, although I was briefly sidetracked into working on a conference paper instead. As this covers some of the same results, which I needed to write up anyway, it's far from wasted effort, and will give me another publication credit. The paper has been accepted for a conference in April, which also means a trip to Cairo (bonus!).

2. Write another novel
This is on hold for now until I finish the next draft of my thesis. However I am allowing myself to work intermittently on short pieces, since it feels like my brain will explode if I don't allow some of the fiction to trickle out.

3. Submit short stories to five different venues (2/5)
I've sent in two stories to paying markets this year: a flash fiction piece set in the high Arctic, and a sci-fi piece that revolves around hacking game. No responses, yet.

I've also self-published The Falconer, a little fantasy mystery that's free to download. This is set in the same world as Watersmeet, so if you enjoyed that setting, I hope you'll like this one. (For those who care about such things, it's about 10k words, so in that awkward space somewhere between short story and novella.)

4. Read & review at least 52 books (14/52)
Starting strong on this one - which isn't too surprising since it's probably the easiest of all my goals. I've already read more than a dozen books towards my goal; all but two fit the Strange Charm demographic of speculative fiction by women, and I'm also doing much better at remembering to update my Goodreads account as I go.

5. Log at least 104 runs or walks over 5k (17/104)
I've been enjoying lots of lovely walks, this winter: so far this has consisted of exploring local footpaths, holidays in Cornwall and the Isle of Wight, and walking to work in Sweden.

6. Log at least 104 physio & weight-lifting sessions (5/104)
I'm a little behind on this one, mainly because I need to figure out how to keep up with my physio while travelling. If anyone has experience of this, please, share your hints and tips.

7. Take an introductory Persian class
I'm about half way through the beginners' course that started in January, although I sadly missed a couple of lessons thanks to an impromptu trip to Sweden. I'm busily catching up, though.

8. Develop and post 52 new recipes (3/52)
Slightly behind on this one, although I do have a couple outstanding that have been made but not yet blogged. My favourite so far was this gnocchi bake with mushrooms & artichokes.

9. Participate in SRC for at least eight months (0/8)
My first post of the year, for March, is publishing in a couple of days. I knew I wouldn't be doing January or February, so this is on track, even if it doesn't look like it.


Rachel said...

That feels like a good start - not least, I expect that you will accelerate as the year progresses!

Elizabeth Braun said...

Oh, I like those progress bar graphics!

Your first section on the PhD sounds a lot like Sir just now. He too is dealing with his thesis (working on it for first submission), but has also one or two papers in mind - the most recent one being a very much scaled down version of his thesis. It's for a journal though, no more conferences are planned now. Too much fuss!!

Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche said...

I love the idea of having lots of goals that you work on through the year! I set new year's resolutions but I'm usually done with those in a few weeks ;) looks like you've been doing loads of walking, definitely something I need to do more of (not counting twenty minute walks with the dog!)

Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy said...

Writing a novel is a huge task, but so rewarding. My book is published next January and the writing progress is slow, but getting there.

Emily Higgins said...

Good luck with your goals x

Jeanne Estridge said...

Just realized I hadn't heard much from you lately and came by to check on you--now I see why. Jeez, louise, woman. Do you ever rest?

Christine Dodd said...

Wow! You have an amazing to do list! I'm in awe!

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