Thursday, 30 April 2015

Root Vegetable & Chickpea Stew

Roast Vegetable & Chickpea Stew

I was recently given the opportunity to try out New Covent Garden's brand new range of Souper Boosters - ready-to-go seasoning mixtures designed to liven up homemade soups and stews.

To be honest, with my pantry already full of obscure spices, I don't really think I'm the target market for this product: I could easily throw a bunch of flavours together to liven up a bowl of soup. However, having a ready-made blend is extremely convenient, and does save you having to think about it! And it would be a fantastic space saver if you have a smaller kitchen, as each tube makes two (large) pots of soup.

New Covent Garden Souper Boosters

This recipe was supposed to be a soup, but it ended up as more of a stew: you could make it more soup-like by pureeing the vegetables to a finer consistency (before adding the chickpeas), and thinning it down with some extra liquid. I quite like a hearty bowl full of chunky veg, though, so I was happy with the way it came out.

I used the Roasted Moroccan booster for this, which uses ras el hanout for the main flavour profile, along with garlic, chilli, and even pureed apricots for a sweeter note.

To get a fair test, I didn't add any other seasonings (not even salt, pepper, or stock). The sweetness was really evident in the final dish, even in such a small quantity, and I liked the resultant balance of spices.

I'm also looking forward to trying out the other flavours. The Mexican Chilli booster sounds incredibly warming with its blend of smoked peppers, coriander, lime, and chilli, while the Wild Garlic & Herbs booster sounds much more summery (wild garlic, after all, is in season abount now). There's also a Thai one, but unfortunately that's not vegetarian, so I won't be trying it out myself!

Roast Vegetable & Chickpea Stew

Root Vegetable & Chickpea Stew
Serves 4-6

4 large carrots
2 large parsnips
2 sweet potatoes
1 large onion
1tbsp sunflower oil
750ml (3 cups) tomato passata
500ml (2 cups) water
½ tube New Covent Garden Moroccan Souper Booster
1 tin chickpeas

  1. Peel and dice the carrots, parsips, sweet potatoes, and onion.
  2. Heat the oil in a large saucepan and sautee the onion until softened.
  3. Add the remaining vegetables and continue to fry for a few minutes.
  4. Add the passata and water, and bring slowly to the boil.
  5. Cover the pan and simmer gently for an hour, or until all the vegetables have softened.
  6. Add the seasonings, and cook for a further 10-15 minutes.
  7. Depending on your desired consistency, either use a blender to puree the vegetables, or a potato masher to break up the chunks.
  8. Add the chickpeas, and reheat for a few minutes before serving.


Rachel said...

Like you, I have an extensive spice cupboard, but sometimes the mixes at least give us ideas we might not have had...

Rebecca Subbiah said...

looks tasty

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