Sunday, 12 July 2015

Graze in the Shops

Graze Goodness To Go

I've had a subscription to Graze boxes for ages, now, so I was kind of excited when I heard they were launching a new off-the-shelf range in supermarkets.

I got my hands on some early samples, and perhaps unsurprisingly I recognise most of the snacks from the subscription model. And thankfully, most of my favourites have made it through to the in store range -- presumably because they're among the most popular overall.

One of the best things about Graze snacks is the interesting combinations you get within a single portion box. A couple of my regular favourites are the herby bread basket (with mini bread sticks and croutons) and punchy protein nuts (almonds, peanuts, and chilli-lime cashews).

At the sweeter end of the scale, salted fudge & peanut cookie has mini chocolate cookies, salted peanuts, and mini fudge chunks. And the original fruity flapjack is a proper treat packed with dried fruit and seeds.

The in store pricing ranges from 99p to £1.49. It's still cheaper per portion to get a weekly box, and personally I love the surprise of not knowing what's going to turn up, but this is a fun back-up option.

If you want to try Graze for yourself, you can get a free box of snacks without commitment (and more freebies later if you keep your subscription) if you sign up using my referral code: 9NZDYMVDP (I get a small discount too).

Graze Goodness To Go


Rachel said...

I've heard very mixed things about Graze - it will be good to try them out without signing up!

mypixieblog said...

Oh, my goodness... every item sounds delicious! I'd love to try something like this... I'm on my way out to the gym now and sometimes I would like a little snack beforehand to give me the boost I need throughout the workout.

I wonder if they are available in the states... going to look this up now :) XOXO and hope you're enjoying your summer, Rachel!

mypixieblog said...

Hey, Rachel! Just wanted to pop over and say hello :) I hope you are enjoying your summer, my sweet! XOXO said...

Great review - thank you :) You can certainly get some graze snacks in the US via our site at We aren't in US stores just yet, but we're looking into it for future!

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