Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Warm Asparagus & Mushroom Salad

Asparagus is one of my favourite vegetables, but I was in my teens before I discovered the additional delight that comes from asparagus prepared as a Chinese dish. This salad is loosely inspired by the menu of my once-favourite Chinese takeaway, now sadly closed, which really did some excellent asparagus.

I feel like something's gone slightly wrong if you have to weigh ingredients for a simple salad like this, but for the sake of completeness, I weighed the asparagus and mushrooms after I'd chopped them, and found it came to about 120g of each. Of course, the mushrooms shrink down and lose a lot more water during cooking.

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In total, this salad only comes to about 120 calories per portion, but it feels quite filling thanks to the bulk of the asparagus and the crunch of the walnuts.

Warm Asparagus & Mushroom Salad
Serves 1

12 asparagus spears
8 medium-sized chestnut mushrooms
1 spring (green) onion
8 walnut halves
1tsp soy sauce
1tsp shaoxing rice wine
a small handful of fresh coriander
  1. Rinse, trim, and chop the vegetables: quarter the mushrooms, cut the asparagus into 3-4 pieces, and finely slice the spring onion.
  2. In a frying pan, sauté the asparagus and mushroom over a medium heat.
  3. Once the vegetables are starting to soften, add the spring onion, soy sauce, and rice wine to the pan, and continue to sauté until the spring onions are cooked and the liquid has reduced.
  4. Meanwhile, heat a separate frying pan to a high temperature, and toast the walnuts until they are golden brown and the oils are starting to emerge.
  5. Toss the walnuts together with the asparagus mixture, and add the fresh coriander just before serving.
  6. Serve warm straight away, or chill in the fridge if you prefer a cold salad.

I'm linking this recipe up for May's edition of No Croutons Required, a monthly vegetarian soup and salad challenge hosted by Lisa's Kitchen and Tinned Tomatoes.

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